Three nights to go...

2009-12-21 17:11:14 by OctoJazz

eeeeeeeeeeeh time seems to stop for the things your waiting for.

I want to womb punch someone..

2009-12-20 17:59:53 by OctoJazz

I've notice alot of people are commenting (which is good, you need feedback sometimes) but mostly crap criticism and I've browsed on some of your profiles.. And most of you don't have drawings/illustrations/movies etc on your profiles, so i don't understand why your giving me a hard time when you don't have anything on your fucking profiles?!?! I'm on DeviantArt and i don't get this much bulls**t......

Maybe it's because I'm a girl.. Or that my drawings aren't to your taste.. But if you don't like it, why the fuck waste my time and comment it? let alone rate it.

If i get one more PM off some douche with sexist remarks, I'll thump the living daylights out of them.
...Now please either leave me crit & rate like a normal person would (without totally ripping into me) or GTFO!!!

Nadoleg Llawen in 7days!!

2009-12-18 07:01:49 by OctoJazz

Jazmine ydy'n sylweddol'n gyffrous achos Nadolig awron!! ond 6 nosau :)

Abit of welsh springs up Christmas time which scares the Bf really, he sees all these made up words on my facebook, phone etc. Just thinks I'm talking gibberish!! lol. Ah bless him, well i finally finished all my Christmas shopping left all the family gifts at home since having Christmas at the boyfriends grandparent's (to be very honest I'm scared, i always make an arse out of myself when I'm around his family. Plus his sister hates me and is currently giving me the "I'm blanking the shit out of you" phase which kinda makes me feel lame for being here). Dan's hidden my presents ¬_¬

Which leads to i want to know what he has got me.. I'm super excited for Christmas eve let alone Christmas day :D since Christmas eve i have a lovely hot bath, sort out what I'm wearing on Christmas day & stare at the presents.. *literally think if i stare too long i can melt the paper off mwehehe*

Christmas Break.

2009-12-13 13:30:24 by OctoJazz

Wow 12days till Christmas & their going pretty quick, i haven't even been counting down (since lack of advent calender boo-hoo!!) and also since university has been taking my soul and body away. But I'm free from that now till the 4th of January :) even though i have 4projects on my back...

Also finally sorted what I'm doing for Christmas break, heading up to my boyfriends parents, the only thing I'm nervous and not looking forward to is the dinner (yes i know I've been to his parents before but it's the whole family thing :S and ofcourse i don't get on with his sister) that'll be fun :|
Sorted with my own family too, gifts & cards.. etc.
Plus been talking about moving in a house next year (2nd year on uni) with my boyfriend and friend.. going to look for some houses this January/February House fair thing, OH FEELING BIG NOW :c

And my Christmas projects are :
1) Finishing off my laptop/iPhone designs (comments on this thing will decide what i choose and what not..)
2) Life drawing one negative space on the drawing i did last week & my version of an artists way of charcoal :S
3) Vis com, seven deadly sins typography.
4) Elective work, Place.
(I'll be posting more work related in due time).