I want to womb punch someone..

2009-12-20 17:59:53 by OctoJazz

I've notice alot of people are commenting (which is good, you need feedback sometimes) but mostly crap criticism and I've browsed on some of your profiles.. And most of you don't have drawings/illustrations/movies etc on your profiles, so i don't understand why your giving me a hard time when you don't have anything on your fucking profiles?!?! I'm on DeviantArt and i don't get this much bulls**t......

Maybe it's because I'm a girl.. Or that my drawings aren't to your taste.. But if you don't like it, why the fuck waste my time and comment it? let alone rate it.

If i get one more PM off some douche with sexist remarks, I'll thump the living daylights out of them.
...Now please either leave me crit & rate like a normal person would (without totally ripping into me) or GTFO!!!


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2009-12-20 19:01:44

just because someone doesn't have art, doesn't mean they cant criticize it. And deviantart doesnt give you crap because people at that website dont even know the meaning of the word criticize. You can also not like something and still be able to tell the person what is wrong and how to improve it. But if you dont like it in the first place chances are that you dont care enough to properly criticize something, and even if you do, the artist will usually not like it and respond with ignorant arguments.

OctoJazz responds:

but i actually do get decent crit from them at DeviantArt (also get complete assholes but i deal with it, they go away end of) and this site just rips into badly (getting pointless PMs saying that about my mum/my face/works shit etc).. yes ok my work isnt spectacular or magical but i don't deserve some of the PM's with guys saying shit to me.. their too afraid to write it under the picture they dislike so they do it behind so no one else can see what crap their writing. I do care but i don't understand some of their crit which is just one word.. explanation i would like.. yes ok offer me suggestions on how to make it better but don't leave me hanging here.

And yes i can suggest they don't crit if they have nothing to show for their work because prehaps they can't draw very well, least i'm giving it a try.