Nadoleg Llawen in 7days!!

2009-12-18 07:01:49 by OctoJazz

Jazmine ydy'n sylweddol'n gyffrous achos Nadolig awron!! ond 6 nosau :)

Abit of welsh springs up Christmas time which scares the Bf really, he sees all these made up words on my facebook, phone etc. Just thinks I'm talking gibberish!! lol. Ah bless him, well i finally finished all my Christmas shopping left all the family gifts at home since having Christmas at the boyfriends grandparent's (to be very honest I'm scared, i always make an arse out of myself when I'm around his family. Plus his sister hates me and is currently giving me the "I'm blanking the shit out of you" phase which kinda makes me feel lame for being here). Dan's hidden my presents ¬_¬

Which leads to i want to know what he has got me.. I'm super excited for Christmas eve let alone Christmas day :D since Christmas eve i have a lovely hot bath, sort out what I'm wearing on Christmas day & stare at the presents.. *literally think if i stare too long i can melt the paper off mwehehe*


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2009-12-18 07:31:52

cool name

OctoJazz responds:

thanks :D


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