Entry #1

Christmas Break.

2009-12-13 13:30:24 by OctoJazz

Wow 12days till Christmas & their going pretty quick, i haven't even been counting down (since lack of advent calender boo-hoo!!) and also since university has been taking my soul and body away. But I'm free from that now till the 4th of January :) even though i have 4projects on my back...

Also finally sorted what I'm doing for Christmas break, heading up to my boyfriends parents, the only thing I'm nervous and not looking forward to is the dinner (yes i know I've been to his parents before but it's the whole family thing :S and ofcourse i don't get on with his sister) that'll be fun :|
Sorted with my own family too, gifts & cards.. etc.
Plus been talking about moving in a house next year (2nd year on uni) with my boyfriend and friend.. going to look for some houses this January/February House fair thing, OH FEELING BIG NOW :c

And my Christmas projects are :
1) Finishing off my laptop/iPhone designs (comments on this thing will decide what i choose and what not..)
2) Life drawing one negative space on the drawing i did last week & my version of an artists way of charcoal :S
3) Vis com, seven deadly sins typography.
4) Elective work, Place.
(I'll be posting more work related in due time).


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